How to Organize Indoor / Outdoor Space to Maintain Social Distancing

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social distancingWhile many hopeful signs indicate that COVID-19 will eventually be under control, we will all still need to practice social distancing for the foreseeable future. Social distancing practices are even more critical when organizing and hosting a get-together responsibly. The CDC has compiled guidelines for considering events and gatherings that will continue getting updated as the state of the pandemic shifts. So how can you responsibly plan and prepare to host a gathering?

Preparing and Planning for Your Indoor Get-Together

Planning indoor get-togethers are often a lot of work without considering the impacts of COVID-19. The safest way to gather is to do so only with those living in the same household. If you still must get together, make sure that you keep the gathering small enough to social distance, in addition to getting tested and vaccinated if applicable. Keeping windows open when appropriate to maintain healthy air circulation, having easily accessible hand sanitizer, and using disposable paper towels instead of cloth towels for everyone is a good idea as well. 

Wearing a mask is also essential. If the gathering involves food, make sure people are spread far enough apart while eating since they’ll have to remove their masks for that. With the new strains of COVID, officials are recommending wearing two masks.

Part of maintaining social distance could involve having guests occupying more space of your home than you usually would have. This could mean having to clear out a spare room that turned into a storage room over the years. You may also have some rooms that haven’t exactly turned into dedicated storage, but you may find you have some stray boxes and other items hanging around you usually don’t mind when you don’t have guests visit.

Preparing and Planning for Your Outdoor Get-Together

Planning an outdoor get-together is a bit easier than an indoor get-together during these times. You still have to be conscious of the number of people you have to keep making social distance easy. Keeping chairs separated at least six feet apart will probably be more comfortable in your backyard than in your home. It’s also highly encouraging to have people bring their food and beverages and avoid a buffet-type party. If you’re having a cookout, make sure to designate someone to safely cook and serve the food to reduce the risk of potential exposure as much as possible.

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