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tips for holiday storageIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, even this year, holidays bring some cheer. Whether you’re lighting a menorah or drinking cocoa before Christmas lights, your seasonal decorations can bring some much-needed joy.

If you’re like a lot of people this year, you might be indulging in more decorations than usual, too, while you’re nesting. The question is what to do afterward with seasonal decoration storage.

How Do You Store Seasonal Decorations?

Proper storage of Christmas lights and other holiday decorations can make your life so much easier. Knowing what is where and be sure it’s all safe, organized, and undamaged when you need it again is essential so let’s review some tips.


  1. Organize by holiday
  2. If you still have Halloween and Thanksgiving items around, and not just the December holiday decorations, you don’t want to intermingle and store them together. Keep Christmas and Hanukkah decorations separate from Halloween decorations, etc.

  3. Organize by Type
  4. Having outdoor lights mixed with ornaments and holiday serving pieces all together can lead to breakage and definitely complicates holiday decorating. Keep similar items together by usage. Storing all of your Christmas lights together is one option. However, it’s often smart to store Christmas tree lights separate from outdoor lights, especially if they’re the same or a similar type, so you don’t accidentally use items for one on the other. 

    If you mix types of decorations, try to keep them together according to the decoration category or where it’s displayed. For example, you probably don’t have enough gold tinsel garland to store alone, so you could keep it with your Christmas tree lights to provide extra padding. Since both go on the tree, organizationally, it’s okay.

  5. Use Uniform storage containers
  6. Use the same type of container for all (or the majority, if you need a particular box) of your decorations, preferably in the same size. Being uniform in your Christmas decoration storage means they’ll stack better and more securely if you’re storing on your own. If you can’t do just a single size container, try to find bins that match but have different depths. Or make it easy and store with Box&Co. We’ll provide the containers and will handle the storage. You tell us which boxes you want when and we’ll bring them and take them back.

  7. Labels are your friend
  8. Not having to scramble to figure out what is where saves time and aggravation. Whether you’re using a label-maker or writing on bins with a Sharpie®, marking everything, so you know what is where is essential. Clear containers are another option.

  9. Note what you don’t use
  10. Pay attention to the consistently leftover items. If those extra strings of lights you bought “just in case” continue to stay in the box or that decoration that looked cute in the store but you can’t find a place for it so it’s never displayed, pass it on to someone who will use them. You’ll save space and won’t feel as conflicted when you see them. If you go through holiday seasons without using those items, they deserve a new home. 

  11. Wrap your lights
  12. Not in gift paper – around something. Nothing is worse than a tangled mess of light strings. Either get a plastic light organizer or just wrap lines around pieces of cardboard. It doesn’t matter if it’s a flat sheet of cardboard or the cardboard tube left over from gift wrap or paper towels. Wrapping the lights is quick and easy when putting them away and will save tons of time next year. It’s also a safer way to store Christmas lights to lower the risk of bulb breakage.

  13. Bottle your bead garland
  14. If you use bead garland strings, that can get tangled, too, but wrapping them around cardboard or a tube can be tricky as you do with Christmas lights. Wrap them too tight, and the string may snap. Wrap them too loose, and they’ll slide off. Instead, slide them inside clean, dry plastic water or soda bottles and seal with the bottle cap. If the bead garland has wide ornaments that won’t fit in a soda or water bottle, use clean, empty peanut butter or tomato sauce jars instead.


Store Safely with Box&Co

Free up space by putting items you need to keep but don’t need daily by putting them into storage. Box&Co allows you to put things into storage while providing the convenience of pick up, delivery and, free storage containers. Pack your items, and when you’re ready, we’ll pick your things up and store them. We’ll return your items when they’re needed, and you can keep track of your stored items online. To learn more, contact the storage and organization experts at Box&Co today.