Tips for a Stress-Free Seasonal Closet Flip

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closet flipIt’s that time of year again. Changing weather means you need to get out your sweaters and hoodies and put away your shorts and tanks. It also means that you will soon need to change over your closet.

Technically you don’t have to do a closet swap. You could just drag out your cold-weather clothing and try to stuff everything together. Anyone who has done that will tell you how miserable it is, how it takes longer to find what you’re looking for, and how they swore they’d never do it again. But the little bit of time a proper seasonal closet change takes will save you much time and aggravation later.

How to Switch Out Seasonal Clothing

The first step to a seasonal closet switch is to get out everything and sort your clothing in one of the following categories – pack for next summer, donate, throw away, or all-season clothing. Not everything needs to be stored. If an item is worn out, doesn’t look good on you, or doesn’t fit well, keeping it is a waste of your time and space. If it’s in otherwise good condition, you can donate it charity. If it’s worn out, toss it.

Some items might be keepers but need a little help. If a button is loose or a hem is drooping, have it fixed before putting it away so it’s ready the next time you want to wear it. All-season clothing can include tanks or t-shirts you might use for layering in the fall and winter, sweaters you kept out in the summer for when air conditioning was too high, etc.

Clean Before Packing

While your closet is empty, take the time to vacuum, wipe down shelves, etc. Make sure all of the off-season clothing you’re packing away till next spring is clean, too. Stains get worse with time and they can set and become permanent. Some food stains will even attract insects.

Consider learning a new folding method. Not all folding methods are created equal. Some, like the Marie Kondo method, can save space and decrease wrinkles. The latter is especially important when putting off-season clothing into storage so they’ll be ready for you in spring.

How to Organize Your Closet for Winter

In addition to all of the above tips, winter clothing has certain particular concerns. Sweaters and hoodies can be bulky. Instead of taking up drawer space, fold them neatly and store them on closet shelves for better access. Bonus: You won’t have to worry about overstuffed drawers possibly snagging or overstretching your favorite sweater.

Scarves can be stored in drawers or on special hanger organizers in a closet. Hates, gloves, and earmuffs can be kept in bins.

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