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campingCamping is a fun pastime enjoyed by millions of Americans every year. New Yorkers enjoy a few prime camping months each year in the spring and summer, plus experienced campers will sometimes camp in colder weather, too.

While for so many people it’s a relaxing getaway, you end up finding yourself with all this camping equipment you have to find space for the rest of the year. And we know that your space is precious and can fill up fast, especially if you live in an apartment.

What Is The Proper Care & Storage Of Camping Equipment?

You have to keep a lot of factors in mind when properly caring for and storing camping equipment. Some things are just common sense like don’t store any equipment that is still dirty or wet. We know you may have had a long, lovely weekend away, but you can’t risk it. Even a little bit of dampness if stored with your gear could turn into a major headache for you next time you go camping, and mold can be dangerous.

You’re going to want to remove all the batteries from your electronics before putting them in long-term storage as well. Absolutely store the batteries in a sealed, dry, and sturdy zip lock bag with your electronic devices, but if they’re left in those devices long term you risk leakage or corrosion that could lead to you needing to replace more than just your batteries. It’s just not worth it.

Cooking utensils and equipment presents a special challenge for campers. Some of them may overlap with the utensils and equipment you use every day. If you have separate equipment, you must make sure they are clean and sterilized before you store them long term.

Depending on where you camped and the weather, you may or may not have been able to clean them thoroughly while away so the safest solution might be to wash them again when you get home. The last thing you want to do is attract bugs or rodents.

How Do You Store Sleeping Bags?

Sleeping bags can be trickier than you think. Once you’ve properly cleaned and laundered your sleeping bag you’re going to want to avoid stuffing it clumsily into a sack or container. You could potentially damage the sleeping bag that way. Rather, you should try to store your sleeping bag lying flat or hanging up in a closet. You could further protect your sleeping bag by using pillowcases.

Can I Store Camping Gear At Home?

If you happen to have space, storing your camping gear at home may be a viable option. It’s going to depend on the kind of space you have available. While a shed may seem like a good idea, it’s likely more trouble than you think. Sheds are not usually equipped to handle temperature and moisture control. You may find that you would need a dehumidifier running regularly in a shed if you wanted to use it to store certain equipment. The key is finding a cool, dry place to store your camping gear. Since many items that require storage need those conditions to be stored properly, you may find yourself low on additional space to make that work.

Contact Box&Co. Today and See How On-Demand Storage Can Help You Manage Your Space

When camping season is winding down and you find yourself with all this equipment and gear you won’t need again for several months, Box&Co. makes it easier for you. Just request some of our sturdy plastic storage containers, and we’ll deliver them. You pack your items and when you’re ready, you let us know and we come pick it up and keep them safe in the ideal storage conditions. Once camping season rolls back around for you, let us know and we’ll get all your equipment back to you. You can even keep track of your stored items online. To learn more or to get started on your organizing project, contact the storage pros at Box&Co. today.