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organized garageIf you have a garage, you probably need a thorough garage clean up and reorganization. Virtually every garage, despite the owners’ best intentions, ends up as a black hole of miscellaneous items, but it doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is some time and a few good garage storage ideas to maximize the storage space in your garage.

Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to actually be able to park in your own garage?

Garage Organization Ideas

In a garage, getting stuff off the floor is key. Fortunately, you can do that many ways.

  1. Purge first
  2. Before you try to organize, do a quick review of what’s in your garage. Sort everything into one of three categories – trash, give away and keep. It’s tempting to want to organize first, but
    eliminating what you no longer need makes everything easier, and you’ll have less to organize.

  3. Group items
  4. Pair like with like to figure out what you need to store. Then you can create storage zones with gardening items all together, tools together in another place, sporting equipment somewhere else or whatever categories you need.

  5. Hang bicycles
  6. You’ll never accidentally run over or tap bikes with your car if they’re suspended from the wall. If you only have one, a wall bike rack that hangs it from the wide side is fine but if you have several bikes, consider a stand up or vertical rack that makes the bike stand up on one tire. It’s a more efficient use of space. However, hot garages can be hard on rubber tires so check them regularly unless it’s an insulated garage.

  7. Hang a roll of garbage bags
  8. Use a paper towel holder to hang a roll of garbage bags. This will keep them easily at hand so you don’t have to fumble for them when you need them.

  9. Install a peg board
  10. Yes, it’s a cliché, but they do work. With a peg board, you can install hooks, small bins, racks,

  11. Bins are your friend
  12. Uniform, stackable bins are a huge help. If you can find bins that have the same width, length and lids but come in different depths, it’s even better. If you have a lot to store, consider installing a rack or shelving strong enough to hold them – especially if you can affix the shelving or rack to the wall for extra support.

  13. Label it
  14. A label maker will make your life easier and your stored items easier to find, especially when paired with bins.

  15. Install a magnetic strip
  16. It can keep your drill bits and other small metal items organized, items that you’d otherwise have to fumble for.

However, a garage isn’t safe for storing everything. The temperature extremes most garages endure can be dangerous for certain items. Additionally, garages generally aren’t as tightly sealed as the rest of your home so bugs, rodents, and other small animals can get through the gaps around garage doors and such.

What Should Not Be Stored In a Garage

  • Propane tanks
  • Paint
  • Electronics
  • Temperature-sensitive items like vinyl records and film
  • Canned food
  • Paper products
  • Clothing and bedding

While canned food is fairly durable, in a garage, it will freeze in winter and overheat in the summer. The latter can lead to the cans bursting. Either way, it could cause the food to turn. Don’t store pet food in the garage either – pests will be attracted to it and possibly get at it.

Paper and cloth are also attractive items for rodents and bugs to chew or nest in. Store both inside your home, preferable in sealed plastic containers if possible. Paint can be damaged by extreme heat or cold so store that in a temperature-controlled area..

Box&Co. Makes It Easy to Get Organized

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