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How to Stay Productive During the Pandemic

If you are like many and are new to working remotely, the days and weeks ahead can be pretty challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the lives of billions worldwide. In response, many businesses have closed their doors and instructed their employees to work from home to avoid the spread of the virus. While working from home certainly has its benefits, especially during these uncertain times, it also has its challenges.

Here at Box&Co., we would like to help anyone who is working from home overcome these challenges. Read on for our tips on how to work from home successfully and remember that we are here for you and your needs now and in the future!

  1. Get Dressed
  2. While this may sound like a simple tip, it may be one of the most important. It is so tempting to stay in your pajamas all day. You have no one to impress right? Try to avoid this as much as you can and get dressed as you normally would for a day at the office. By giving into temptation and staying in loungewear, you will likely have a much slower start and an overall less productive day.

    You don’t need to dress as formally as you might for work, but the simple task of changing out of your pajamas into clothes will flip that switch in your brain signaling that it is time to wake up and take on the day. Getting dressed also falls in line with taking a shower, brushing your hair, and even putting on makeup if that is something that you usually do before work. Waking up and taking care of your appearance can go a long way in your overall productivity for the day.

  3. Create a dedicated work space
  4. If you have a home office, work will be easier. For those who reside in quarters that are less spacious, find a corner in your home that you can transform into a dedicated work space. It will be tempting to want to lay in your bed or on the couch with your laptop, but we suggest finding an area with a table where you can sit upright. Be sure that your space is comfortable. Sitting for an eight-hour shift in a bad chair will hurt your body and your attitude. Having a proper setup will help to get you in the mindset of going to work and will help you to be more intentional with your workload.

  5. Be organized and set goals
  6. A crucial step to success is having a to-do list of things you intend to get done on a given day. Keep yourself motivated and set small goals for how much work you hope to get done on a day-to-day basis. Keep a record of your workload and hold yourself accountable. An important thing to remember, however, is that some days you won’t be able to finish everything on your list. If you’re a parent, chances are you are also trying to juggle childcare and homeschooling, and at some point or another your own workload is going to need to take the back burner. Don’t beat yourself up over this, especially in the beginning.

  7. Take Breaks
  8. When you live where you work, it is very important to make time to get out of your workspace and take a break. Because of COVID-19, getting out of the house may be a bit more difficult. However, there are a ton of ways to get outdoors for a few minutes while still practicing safe social distancing protocol. Take a few breaks each day and walk around the block. The fresh air is sure to help brighten your spirits.

  9. Stay in touch with coworkers
  10. This is crucial. Since you can no longer walk to a coworker’s desk when you have a question, be sure that your company has put in place ways to stay connected with one another. While email and phone calls are a given, this is a great time to take advantage of useful and innovative tools that are available from workplace tech companies that allow for video and audio interaction between coworkers.

  11. Keep clearly defined work hours
  12. Most of us are stuck indoors until further notice. Be sure to adhere to clearly defined work hours, or else your days will really start to blend into one another even more than they might be during these weeks of quarantine. Be clear with yourself about when you are working and when you are not. You will get your best work done, and will ultimately be ready to transition back into the office when the time comes, if you stick to your regular hours. Additionally, being on the same schedule as your coworkers makes everything much easier. 

  13. Set ground rules
  14. If you’re sharing space with other people – and during the coronavirus shelter-at-home rules you probably are – create clear rules about your working time. For example, “do not disturb me while I’m on a call or video conference unless it’s an emergency.” People who work from home during normal circumstances have to set clear boundaries that people can’t drop by without warning, working from home doesn’t mean you’re the free dog walker or package receiver, etc. for family and friends. While contact with friends and family is important right now, it’s perfectly fine to set boundaries about when not to call or video meet because you’re working.

    Try to look at working from home as an opportunity to try something new, and above all, stay safe. If you have any questions about any of our tips or our services, please email us at info@boxnco.com or call our specialists at 1-855-692-6926. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.