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student working from homeLet’s face it. None of us expected our daily routines to suddenly be turned upside down. We are all living in a world where coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has changed how we live our day-to-day lives. Most students are now required to take on distance learning in efforts to avoid human contact and slow down the spread of this virus.

Here at Box&Co, we are committed to being here for those of you whose schools and universities have turned to this method of learning. Read on for useful tips to make your distance learning experience a successful one during these uncertain times.

How to Stay Focused on School Work During Quarantine

  1. Establish a study spot
  2. Your bed or couch may be really tempting, but we suggest skipping these spots and establishing a dedicated location such as a desk or dining room table to get your work done. This will prevent laziness and allow for more focused learning. We also suggest doing your best to keep this dedicated area as organized as possible. Remove any unnecessary clutter and leave only the items that are conducive to your studies.

  3. Keep track of assignments
  4. Learning outside of the classroom usually means less structure. Be sure to stay on top of your assignments and keep track of due dates. An easy way to do this is by utilizing a calendar or a planner to keep things organized. Keep this information in a central location and refer back to it regularly. It’s crucial to have a clear overview of your workload for success!

  5. Speak to your professors
  6. You should still maintain the same level of communication with your professors as you would in the classroom. If you are confused about coursework or have questions, ask! Keep in mind that this change to remote learning is also an adjustment for your teachers, and they want you to succeed. Regularly stay in touch via email, phone, Skype, or whatever channel of communication your school or university has put in place.

  7. Take breaks
  8. It is very easy to get cabin fever when in quarantine. While in school, you have the ability to move around from your dorm, to your classroom, and to lunch with friends. When you are suddenly confined to your home, the four walls surrounding you may make you go a little stir crazy. Take regular breaks from your coursework. If you are able to, venture outside for a bit of fresh air. Take your dog for a walk or try out a new recipe in the kitchen. Set timers on your phone so you know when it’s time to get back to the books.

At the end of the day, what is most important is discovering a routine that works best for you and your learning. Remember that despite social distancing, we are all in this together. Thousands of others are in the same boat, so communicating and taking inspiration from your classmates on how they handle these uncertain times can be very beneficial to your own success! While the road ahead isn’t clear, rest assured that your friends here at Box&Co will always be nearby and ready to help. where we can. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay studying!