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spring cleaningNational Spring Cleaning Week is the last full week in March each year. Whether you use that week as a reminder or do it some other time on your own, spring cleaning is a great way to clear out winter dust and clutter. However, it can be challenging in small spaces. After all, keeping a small space, whether that’s a tiny house, studio apartment or small home, clean can be especially challenging. Without a mudroom to collect outside dirt, staying clean is a challenge, and the slightest bit of clutter can make the place look messy. Here are some tips to clean a small living space.

Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Declutter before you clean. – It makes things easier. Don’t use that as an excuse to procrastinate. You don’t have to be super thorough. Just do a pass to get rid of anything obviously unnecessary and extraneous. This is especially important in small living spaces.
  2. Play some music. – Cleaning doesn’t have to be drudgery. Pick something with a lively rhythm to keep you moving.
  3. Pick a room and start. – Every cleaning expert has theories for where to start, but the most important thing is to start and finish one room before moving onto the next. Switching back and forth, and distracting yourself sabotages the project or makes it take extra long.
  4. Move the furniture. – It’s not fun, but this is a classic spring cleaning task.
  5. Clean fabric decorations. – Take down the curtains and drapes for cleaning. Also do comforters, blankets, etc.
  6. Vacuum cushions. – If you have leather furniture, give it a good wipe down, too.
  7. Clean your washer and dryer. – You should be clearing the lint trap regularly but give it an extra thorough cleaning now. That can help prevent a fire. And periodically disinfecting your washer will prevent nasty smells. While you’re at it, clean your vacuum and check the bag.
  8. Optional: Closets. – If you tackle your closets now (depending upon the closets, that might need to be a separate project) remember to vacuum the closet floor, too.

Good Housekeeping and House Beautiful have some more helpful cleaning tips.

For a thorough cleaning, remember those hard-to-reach places, including:

  • Baseboards
  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Refrigerator shelves
  • Cabinet tops
  • Shower curtain
  • Behind the toilet
  • Under cushions
  • Walls
  • Window sills
  • Under beds
  • Microwave
  • Kitchen sink
  • Makeup holders (and give the makeup containers a wipe, too)
  • Ceiling corners
  • Behind the TV

All of those areas are commonly omitted during weekly cleaning but shouldn’t be ignored completely. Also clean the exterior of your windows if possible.

Spring is a perfect time for a lighter look when it comes to decorating so put away decorative pillows, throws, and decorations that are more in style in autumn and winter. If you don’t have the needed storage space, Box&Co. can help.

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