10 Ways to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

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couple cleaning garageWinter is coming, and it will be easier if you do a little prep work now to make it lot better later. Even better, none of these tasks are hard to do. They just take a little time but will save you much more time and trouble later.

  1. Do a basic decluttering.

  2. Before you groan, hear us out. This doesn’t have to be the most thorough decluttering in the world. You don’t have to go through every item and justify its continued possession. Simply go through your garage and look for the clutter that can be eliminated, like boxes stuffed in the garage on a rainy day until you could collapse and dispose of them later, broken items you’ve been planning to get rid of, that item you weren’t sure it was worthwhile to keep (if you haven’t used it yet, let it go), etc. Every little bit helps so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t tackle every item.

    If you need space but can’t part with the items – like recent tax records, summer items, etc. – Box&Co offers the perfect solution. We drop off containers for you to fill, pick them up when you’re ready, and when you need them in the future, you can request the exact box or boxes by its serial number.

  3. Sweep and clean your garage floor.

  4. Besides making your garage nicer, cleaning helps to preserve any coating on your garage floor.

  5. Seal any cracks.

  6. With a clean floor, you can spot any cracks that have formed. Seal them with expanding foam or caulk to prevent vermin or insects from seeking shelter in your garage.

  7. Collect summer items to put them away.

  8. Whether it’s pool toys, outdoor cushions, gardening tools, etc. it’s time to collect them all so they’re not damaged by the weather or get in the way of a snow blower.

  9. Swap by season.

  10. Once you have all of your spring and summer items gathered, swap their storage places for winter gear so that shovels, snow blowers, salt, etc. are more accessible when you need it. At the same time, move boxes containing holiday decorations to easier-to-reach locations for when you need them.

  11. Prevent frozen pipes.

  12. If your garage contains any exposed pipes, check the insulation around them, replace it as necessary, and if they’re for outside faucets for sprinklers and hoses, turn off and drain outside water lines. Disconnect and drain hoses.

  13. Set up wall storage.

  14. Garage walls are a useful and yet frequently untapped storage option. Racks or hooks can be installed to hold rakes, shovels, garden tools, sports equipment and even bicycles. Similarly, ceiling hooks can be used to store ladders and other gear. Just be sure there’s enough headroom for walking and cars.

  15. Move liquids.

  16. New York winters are too cold to store paint, wood stain, weed killer, etc. in a garage, unless it’s heated. If you plan to use those items in the future, it’s better to move them to a heated location, like a basement.

  17. Install a pegboard.

  18. Pegboards utilize wall space to store small items like frequently used tools. Small containers for nails, tacks, etc. can also be hung from pegboards.

  19. Set up a mud area.

  20. If your house doesn’t already have a mudroom but you do have an attached garage, a mess area can be set up there so you don’t have to track mud and snow into the house. Place non-slip mats down and set up an area for wet boots, gloves, etc., and it will keep your home neater and cleaner.

By doing a little work now, you won’t have to dig through summer items to get to your snow supplies during the first winter storm. If you need more room, put some items into convenient storage using Box&Co.’s on demand service.

Box&Co Simplifies Decluttering with On Demand Storage

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