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kids with holiday giftsIf your family is too curious to wait for Christmas or Hanukkah, you might need to hide their holiday gifts. If they’re really bad (and really clever), you can’t rely on normal hiding places. So to help you actually surprise your loved ones, here are some tips for hiding holiday gifts.

    1. Inside Suitcases

This only works if you’re not traveling for the holidays. Otherwise, hiding gifts inside suitcases works really well, especially if they’re stored in the basement, attic, garage or eaves space. If you have a matching luggage set and want to be especially sneaky, put the gifts in the smaller suitcase and then put that inside a larger suitcase. What are the odds the seekers will really go through two layers of suitcases?

    1. Decoy Storage Boxes

Using decoy storage boxes works best if you can empty boxes that were kept in the basement, attic, garage, etc. without anyone realizing it and placing gifts inside them. If you recently cleared space by putting essential but little-used items into storage, all the better. It especially works well if the box is labeled for something boring like “tax records.”

    1. Offsite Storage

Temporary storage is a great solution for hiding holiday presents and can be very affordable because you’ll only need a small amount of space.

    1. At Work

Have gifts delivered to your office. Ideally, keep them there until you’re ready to give them. If you can’t keep them at work after they’re delivered, try to incorporate the next tip.

    1. Car Trunk

If your car has an enclosed trunk space, it can be a very useful place for hiding gifts. The only issue could be if your teen borrows your car.

    1. Swap Locations

Team up with a friend and hide your presents at their house and vice versa. This works best if they’re not neighbors because if nosy kids find them and recognize the names they’ll know who has theirs. Arranging this with a coworker or such is best. Make sure you get them back a couple of days in advance and keep them in your car trunk for the remaining period.

    1. Your Kids’ Bedroom

Hiding presents in your kids’ bedrooms is tricky and may not work for everyone. It’s based on the idea that they’ll never guess that you hid their presents in their room, which is brilliant, but depends on their habits and their room. If they have a deep closet or one with high shelves containing boxes they don’t usually go into, such as for off-season clothing, it can work really well. In a small room with little storage, it’s probably a bad idea.

    1. Inside a Dutch Oven

This only works for smaller gifts but who’s going to think to look for presents in a Dutch oven or other occasionally used cookware, like a crab steamer, etc.? Your kids probably don’t cook so it’s safe from them, and that sort of cookware tends to be in the back of the cabinets or other little-used storage areas.

    1. Your Underwear Drawer

This only works for smaller items and might not deter the truly determined. That said, the average kid will be reluctant to go search their parents’ underwear drawers.

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