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2019 Spring Cleaning for Your Business: Office OrganizationWinter is winding down and with spring approaching a person’s fancy often turns to…cleaning! Warmer weather is often a great incentive to give yourself an energy burst and get organized. But let’s face it, when you mention spring cleaning, we often think of it as something you’d do at home, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use the change of seasons as the motivation to clean and organize your business. Box&Co helps companies stay organized by providing easily accessible, convenient storage and we want to tell you how to reorganize your office during the spring of 2019.

Beginning With an Office Cleaning Purge

Whether you run a company or if you just want to get a better handle on your personal workspace, any effective cleaning or organization project begins with a good purge. According to Inc., the time you need to accomplish this is going to depend on how big the project is. But it’s something that needs to be done. They suggest that you sort the clutter into three categories:

  1. The important documents
  2. The items you need to keep
  3. The junk pile

You might consider putting those important documents or the items you don’t use often in storage. Once you’ve thrown out what doesn’t belong and properly put away what’s left, you should create a space for incoming items to prevent clutter. Have a tray set up for the documents you receive and set aside a box or a drawer for other incoming items.

Creating an Organized Work Space

Now that you’ve rid yourself of what you don’t need, it’s time to create an organized workspace with what’s left. A good start might be to develop a good filing system. According to The Balance, you should come up with a system for organizing files. Consider organizing them by subject matter or client name, date, or the type of document you’re filing. As every new document comes into your office, you need to decide if it needs to be thrown out or filed. Of course, at some point, this will mean that your files will become cluttered too.

Cleaning Out the Clutter

When your files become so thick that they need to be cleaned out, go through them and see what needs to stay and what can be thrown out. Be careful. You may need these records at some point. We’re not advocating tossing out the entire file. A good rule of thumb is to toss out documents that have become outdated. If a client hasn’t been with you for two years, it’s probably ok to get rid of the file. If you’re able to condense larger files, go ahead and make them smaller. Finally, don’t just do a spring cleaning project and then let things go for another year. Make it a point to declutter your workspace every week and reserve next spring for enjoying the weather.

Remember, any sensitive documents should be sent to be shredded and discarded properly. If you have document and file retention policies make sure you are following them before you discard any items. If you are unsure whether you can discard, you can always store them with Box&Co to be on the safe side

Let Box&Co Help You Keep Your Office Organized

Once you’ve put your office in order, Box&Co can help keep you organized. We offer On-Demand Storage which means you can order containers, pack up the items you want to be stored, have them picked up, and, later, have your stored items returned to you, all by ordering online. We also give you the ability to track your stored items. If you’re also looking for secure storage or document shredding services, Box&Co’s parent company Storage Quarters provides these services and they’d be happy to help. And as always, if you need extra storage for personal or business items, Contact Box&Co today.

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