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It’s Valentine’s Day, which means it’s the time of year when we think of “happily ever after.” We hope that you’ve found it, or you’re really close. But happily ever after is a lot of work. Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows that, particularly if you’re living with your partner. Moving in together requires a lot of teamwork, a lot of adjustment, and a lot of organizational skills. At Box&Co, we’re in the business of helping people stay organized. And this is the time of year when we certainly want to see our customers achieve domestic bliss. So here are some hacks related to living with your partner.

Some Basics on Living Together

If you’ve been thinking about moving in with your partner or if you’ve just started living together, there are some things you should know ahead of time. Business Insider reminds you that you need to understand that your space will no longer be just your own. You will each have an equal stake in all of the rooms of your living space, which means you’ll have to be aware that your partner’s tastes may be different from your own.

There are going to be items that hold personal meaning to each partner that you’re going to have discussions about. Apartment Therapy suggests that you establish rules when decorating your living space. Lay the groundwork on how you’re going to make decisions and commit to open and honest communication.

Setting Up, Decluttering, and Bedroom Organization

One thing to avoid in your new home is unnecessary clutter. At some point, you’re going to have to put items in storage, donate them, or throw them out. The first step should be for each partner to create a small list of “must haves” which are non-negotiable. Those items will stay in the new home. Now comes the difficult task of downsizing. One way to go about it is to have the one partner mention what they like from the other partner’s home and vice versa. That way, you know what you both agree on.

When you do disagree, you’re going to need to compromise. Consider trading one item for another, or see if there’s a way to alter the look of something that one partner likes and the other doesn’t. For example, you could reupholster a chair in a color that’s acceptable to everyone. If all else fails, maybe you toss out what both partners are lobbying for and buy something new.

Bedroom organization is a particularly tricky subject. One way to keep everyone happy is to paint the bedroom in a color you both like, according to The Spruce.  Consider the size and functionality of the room. You’re both going to need nightstands, so don’t throw one out. It’s probably a good idea to buy a new mattress you’re both comfortable with. These kinds of compromises can keep both of you happy in your new shared space.

Box&Co Has Room for What You Don’t Have Room For

If you’ve decided to move in with your significant other, or if you’re going to discuss it this Valentine’s Day, Box&Co can give you more options. If either of you wants to keep something that there is no room for in your living space, we can store it for you. Just reach out to us and we’ll deliver storage containers to you. Pack your items and when you’re ready, we’ll pick them up. When you need your items, just give us a call and we’ll deliver them to you.  To get started or to learn more, contact us today.

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