Getting Ready to Pack for Your Summer Home

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Getting Ready to Pack for Your Summer Home

Hooray! It’s time for summer vacation! If you own or rent a summer home, you’re probably looking forward to everything you have planned, whether it’s daily trips to the beach, golf outings or eating at that restaurant you’ve been dreaming about all winter. It’s all about to happen, but, of course, there’s one huge hurdle you have to overcome before you get there. You have to pack.

In addition to being a chore, packing to leave for a summer home can be tricky because it involves a substantial move, but not a full-fledged move. Some things need to come with you, other items need to be stored away. Very often things fall through the cracks. Box&Co sees customers deal with all types of packing and storage issues, so we want to tell you how to make your summer move run smoother so you can get to the fun quicker.

Summer Home Packing Basics

Even if you’re doing bare-boned packing there are certain basic items you’re going to need to pack no matter what. The website Tripsavvy has several recommendations for things on your must-pack list including:

  • Driver’s license and passport
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • Cell phones and chargers
  • Bed sheets
  • Towels
  • Pillows

You’ll also need to pack kitchen and bathroom supplies including:

  • Salt, pepper and other spices
  • Condiments
  • Coffee, tea, creamer and sugar
  • Silverware aluminum foil
  • Trash bags
  • Paper towels
  • Soap
  • Toiletries
  • Hair dryer

If you forget those items, you’re going to be going out shopping as soon as you realize what’s missing, which will take away from the summer fun.

What Else You Should Bring

The items listed above are the obvious things everyone should bring to a summer home, but there are always things that you should bring that are less obvious but are still important.

Reader’s Digest suggests a few items that are good to bring along. If you have young children, don’t forget that summer homes, like your primary residence, need to be baby proofed. You should bring your child safety gate. If you’re concerned about electrical outlets, you don’t have to worry about running out to get plug covers. You just need to cover them with masking tape.

You’re always going to remember to pack your clothes, but have you remembered to bring laundry items? You may not have room to pack a big container of laundry detergent, but laundry pods can be easily packed.  Also, don’t forget about dishwashing.  You might not have a dishwasher in a small vacation cabin, pack sponges and towels.

Another great idea is to bring plastic bags, lots of them, of all different sizes and types. They have a tremendous number of uses, from the trash bags, your family will need from spending so much time traveling by car, to Ziplock sandwich bags you’ll want for packed lunches when you spend that day at the beach. You can also use Ziplock bags to store batteries, charging cords and other electronics. Garbage bags can also double as laundry bags. There are so many uses; they’re essential.

Box&Co Can Store Your Goods for Your Travels

If you have a summer home, Box&Co can keep your goods while your away. We can also keep all of your summer home belongings safe and secure when you return.  It’s easy. We’ll deliver storage containers right to you and you pack what needs to be stored. When you’re ready, call us and we’ll pick them up and return your items when you need them. Contact us today.

Getting Ready to Pack for Your Summer Home
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Getting Ready to Pack for Your Summer Home
This article provides tips for what to pack when staying in a summer vacation home, providing reminders about basic necessities including batteries, plastic bags, and phone chargers.
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