On Demand Storage Solutions for Expecting and New Parents

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On Demand Storage Solutions for Expecting and New Parents

There are very few things that are truly life-changing, but becoming a parent is certainly one of them. If you are expecting a child then you know that there’s going to be a lot of work, very little sleep and tons of organizing to do.

In addition to changing your life, a new child will also transform your home. You need to create a space for a nursery and there will be a lot of storage issues that will need to be addressed. All at the same time. There’s also a good chance that you’re going to need convenient access to your stored items. That’s why Box&Co wants to tell you about on-demand storage solutions for new parents and expectant parents.

Putting Together a Nursery

Perhaps the biggest project associated with organizing for a new child is putting together a nursery. The first thing you have to do is find an area of your home that can be used as the nursery. This may be particularly difficult if you don’t have a lot of living space. According to HGTV, you need to prioritize what fits into the nursery. You are certainly going to need to have a crib and a changing area, but beyond that, you might not have the space for things like toys and other furniture. There’s also the issue of clearing an existing room or space to create a new nursery area. You may not be able to relocate the items that once occupied the future nursery and that means you may need to store them.

Other Storage Needs for New Parents

You should also understand that clearing space for a nursery won’t be the only storage issue that you’ll face when you’re planning for a new child. You’re also going to need to store a large number of baby supplies and clothing. Pregnancy Magazine says preparing for a child is something that will affect every room in the house. When you have a baby shower there’s a high likelihood that you’re going to receive clothing that’s not going to immediately fit your child. You also may receive toys that aren’t age-appropriate. There are many things you may need to store until they’re “ripe.”  And there’s a whole lot of items that your child is going to age out of from clothes to strollers, toys, and highchairs. You might want to store these items and reuse them when you have more kids or until you are ready to donate or give them away.

Baby-Proofing Problems Solved

Baby-proofing your house will involve going into bedrooms, the family room, and the kitchen to remove unsafe items, some of which will have to be packed away. You need to pay attention to outlets and electrical cords in all rooms. If you have a cord running through a bedroom or family room, ask yourself if it really needs to be there. If not, store it as well as any potentially dangerous furniture or appliances that can be tipped over.

According to Parenting Magazine, you should pay attention to your dishwasher, because they’re built low to the ground and can give a child easy access to sharp knives. Try to load the dishwasher when your child isn’t around, wipe out the detergent dispenser when you’re done and keep the dishwasher closed and latched.  The range on top of your oven can fall forward and scald a child. That’s why all ranges made after 1991 are required to be bracketed. If yours isn’t, contact your appliance store or the company that made the oven to get the parts.

Box&Co Makes Storage Easy for New Parents

Having convenient, easily accessible storage solutions makes life less stressful for new parents. Box&Co can make that happen. All you have to do is pack your items in the containers we send you and we’ll pick your items up and store them for you. You’ll be able to keep track of your inventory online and we’ll return your items on demand when you need them. To find out more, contact us today.


On Demand Storage Solutions for Expecting and New Parents
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On Demand Storage Solutions for Expecting and New Parents
This article discusses how on-demand self storage can help new and expectant parents cope with all of the additional furniture and necessities associated with new babies.
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