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Summer Storage for StudentsParents: Have the students in your life made summer plans yet?
Students: Can’t think past finals? Summer storage Might be the last thing on your mind.

We know how exciting and stressful the end of a school year can be. Whether you are looking forward to a relaxing summer break, getting ready for a big trip, or starting an exciting internship – the big question before any of this commences is: “Have you or your student made the necessary plans to leave college campus for the summer?” That’s right! We’re talking about moving out of a college living space. Whether it’s a dorm-room, a fraternity/sorority house, or off-campus housing, moving day is coming soon. Box&Co can help make the process of moving out for the summer very easy! Here are some tips to help you prep for your end of the school year move!

Your College Stuff: Should it Stay or Should It Go?

According to the website GradGuard, which specializes in finding insurance for college students, the first step is to determine where you’re going for the summer. This will help in figuring out what you need to pack and bring with you and what can stay behind in summer storage.

Preparation is key, the more you leave for the last minute, the more stressed you’ll be trying to figure out how to pack. One tip GradGuard suggests is packing the clothing that you don’t need first. Let’s face it, you’re going to be done wearing your winter clothes at this point. Why do you still have them out? Keep a few items like sweatshirts unpacked for the occasional cold nights and start washing everything that can be packed sooner rather than later. If you have natural fiber garments such as wool or cashmere sweaters, it’s better to fold them and place them into your storage boxes rather than hang them up and get them stretched out of shape.

Another consideration before you store your items is deciding what you’re going to keep and what you’re getting rid of. Used books make a good donation item or you should consider selling the books to younger students or back to the bookstore. Any items that have been damaged during the school year should also be donated or thrown out. You also might want to make repairs to the room to avoid any fines from the school or loss of an apartment security deposit.

Packing for the Summer

Once you’re organized, it’s time to pack. Be careful with breakables like glasses and lamps and use bubble wrap or filler like packing peanuts to make certain that all your items are secure. If you’re taking a microwave or toaster oven, make sure you thoroughly clean it before packing it away. If you’re packing your items into a vehicle, Consumer Reports recommends that you put the heaviest items in the cargo area near the front. Make certain that you don’t pack your items in a way that prevents you from seeing the rear of the vehicle.

Box&Co Can Make Your Summer Storage Easy

When you’re ready to put your items into storage, Box&Co will make the whole process easy for you. Just sign up here and we’ll deliver the storage boxes you’ll need for packing. Then you pack your items, inventory them in our system with pictures and descriptions. When you are ready, Box&Co will come collect your items and store them for the summer break! Be sure to take a look at our student discounted pricing and package dealsContact us today to get started!

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Summer Storage for Students
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Summer Storage for Students
Here are some tips and insight for college students and their parents when it comes to storing possessions over the summer break.
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