Moving in Winter Months

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Moving in Winter Months

Logistically speaking it’s probably the most difficult season of the year. Winter can present a lot of problems. There are fewer daylight hours, unpredictable weather that makes travel difficult and it can make you feel claustrophobic. It can be a particularly difficult time if you’re planning a move or if you have a small living space and can’t store items outside.

Box&Co encounters these types of problems all the time. We’re a storage company and we help a lot of our clients prepare for moves and we make managing limited space easier. So we want to give you some tips on handling winter moves and smaller spaces.

Getting the Most Out of Limited Space

If you’re living space looks cramped and you’ve had enough of living in rooms that feel more like closets, you might be surprised to learn how much of the problem has to do with the look and layout of the room and not how much stuff you have. Certainly, you should organize your items and Architectural Digest suggests a rule that you edit yourself. That means if you bring a new item into your home, then something already inside has to go out or into storage.

But there are things you can do aesthetically that will make you seem like you have more room. Painting a room white will allow furniture to stand out more. Another way to show off space is to differentiate rooms or living areas with different colors. Believe it or not, you shouldn’t use small furniture because they’ll make your room look smaller. Hanging shelves and artwork high draws the eye upward and makes it seem like your ceilings are higher. And try to buy furniture that can also double as a storage space. Sofas that have pullout beds or furniture with drawers are helpful.

Planning That Winter Move

If you’re planning a move around this time of year, there’s a very good chance that you’re holding your breath. Winter can be very difficult. Once you know your moving date, US News and World Report recommends that you keep an eye on the weather. Make sure you know if there’s a storm coming. You should know where the main roads are in case you’ll be traveling in the snow and make a point of not packing your snow removal equipment until you absolutely have to.

If you can afford it, hire the pros; use an established professional moving company. They’ve done moves in all sorts of conditions. If you are going to be moving yourself, get as much help as you can and take precautions. Dress in layers to guard against frigid temperatures and get rid of layers of clothing if you start to overheat. Keep towels on hand to dry those boxes that could be damaged by moisture from snow and leave the door to your new place open as you carry those boxes inside. This regulates the temperature and cuts down on fatigue. Make certain to clear all pathways at your departure and arrival points to avoid injuring yourself or your movers.

Box&Co Can Help You Maximize Space and Prepare For Your Move

Whether planning your winter move or decreasing the amount of stuff you have in cramped quarters, Box&Co can help. If you have items to store, we’ll deliver the containers you need to get organized. When you’re ready to get those items back or to send them on their way on moving day, just schedule an appointment and we’ll bring your items back to you. We’ll make winter a lot easier. Contact Box&Co today. We will pick up, store, and return your items on demand, all for a low price. Give us a call today at 516-986-9578 or email us @ for more information.

Moving in Winter Months
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Moving in Winter Months
This article discusses ways to make moving during the cold winter months as painless as possible.
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