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Moving out of the dorms for the summer? Here are some tips to make the process a little easier!

Get a head start on packing

I know what you are thinking.  Why would I pack my clothes if I’m going to wear them?  A great idea is to start packing your winter items that you would not normally wear during the spring months and put them in a bin under your bed.  It is beneficial so you have less clothes to manage and your closet will feel less cluttered during your final weeks of the semester.

Eat up! Use all of your leftover meal swipes

Look through your food, throw out what is bad and eat whatever is left! Make sure to go to the cafeteria and use your meal swipes.  Your parents paid a lot of money for those!


Start selling back books and organizing school work

Sell your books back and make sure they are in great condition.  If you can’t return them, post on social media in your school’s class page to sell books.  When you start to sort through your school work from the semester, throw out what you do not need and keep important notes in folders that you may need for future courses.


Clean and Look for Damage in Your Dorm Room

Take time to clean your room for the summer and do one last sweep right before you leave.  Invest in a Swiffer and get some Lysol wipes.  An RA will inform you to sweep up your room before check out. Make sure to take a good survey around your room for any damage, for instance, broken windows or holes in wall. You want to avoid paying a fine!

Consider Donating

If you feel that you’ve out grown some of your clothes, there are many charities on campus that will donate clothes for a great cause. Also think about donating old textbooks!


Figure out where your items are going for the summer?

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Summer Moving Tips for College Students
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Summer Moving Tips for College Students
This article provides tip and tricks for college students who are moving back home for the summer break.
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