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It’s the New Year again, when everyone is saying to themselves, “New Year, New Me.” One of the top resolutions for most people is be more organized like Martha Stewart or an HGTV celebrity.  However, it is much easier to start with simpler resolutions to make yourself a much more organized person.

1.) Make a routine

Write down a schedule of simple chores that include vacuuming on Tuesday, mop the kitchen on Wednesday.

2.) Make a chore list for you and your roommates/ Alternate Weekly

If you have roommates, assign a weekly list of chores for everyone to do.  At the start of each week, rotate each jobs so that those chores do not become repetitive.

3.) Declutter Most Used Space

It can be your kitchen, bedroom, or shoe closet.  Whatever it is, gather every item in that space and ask yourself two questions: Do I like it? Do I use it regularly?

4.) Make your bed every morning after you wake up

 The best thing to do right after waking up is to make your bed.  It starts your day out feeling organized.  It is also a great feeling knowing that your bed is clean after a long hard day of work.

5.) Keep a donation box

Take a few minutes out of the day to go through your closet to see if there are any items that you would not need and store them in a donation box.  It’s the winter, there are plenty of people in need of extra warm clothes and shoes.

6.) Clean if you have a minute

If your on a commercial break or just completely bored, take a few minutes to clean and tidy up one part of the house.  There are so many small tasks you can take care of when you have a couple minutes to spare.

7.) Use all of what you have before you buy more

If you have leftover food that’s unexpired, or toothpaste, or dish soap, make sure to use it all up before you buy and end up with several half empty boxes of the same item.


8.) Neatly fold and put away all your clothes before sleeping

Right before you fall asleep, neatly fold your clothes into your closet or drawer. Another tip is to decide what clothes you’d want to wear the following day so you don’t take twenty minutes in the morning of what shoe you want to match.
and at least put some effort into it.

9.) Put on music while cleaning

The most annoying thing to clean is most likely the dishes, especially when you are deprived of a dishwasher. Putting music on that you love will get you through anything quickly, especially those nasty dishes. While your sweeping you can also pretend that you’re Mick Jagger.

10.) Use Boxnco to store all of your items

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