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Yes, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but can also be the most nerve-racking times of the year.  After all the hours of shopping, waiting in line, traffic, and Mariah Carey singing every other song, little things like gift wrapping can often become the last thing people want to do.  These clever techniques, however, will help make those gift wrapping moments a little less tedious during the holidays.


 Double-sided tape will be your best friend while wrapping presents.  Make’s an amateur look like a pro with less tape covering. 

2.) Fabric

 Take an old moth eaten clothe and turn it into an artsy Instagram photo. 

3.) Wrap an Old Scarf 

 Nothing like putting your favorite accessories to other use.

4.)Use old shirts

Clean out your closet while wrapping gifts.  Talk about multitasking!

5.) Stamp roller on Cardboard


6.) Tie Big Ribbon around plain box

It’s basic, but it looks cute with the bow and under the tree.  

7) Draw decorations on cardboard

 Hey it’s quick and very artsy!

8.) Instagram Gift Tag

For all you Instagram lovers during the Holiday’s, use the A Beautiful Mess app to add the “to” and “from” to an Instagram photo and transform it into a print-ready gift tag, or just print your photos and write directly on them with permanent marker.

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