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Well it’s that painful time of the year again, prepping for finals week. Yes, finals week can be the absolute WORST, but once finished, it is the best feeling in the world.  Here are a few tips on how to make studying for hours at a time a little less excruciating.

1.) Avoid Internet at all Cost

 This is probably one of the hardest tricks to handle because sometimes we need our computers for writing papers and online notes.  However, it is our worst enemy, when we are procrastinating by checking Facebook and Sports Center updates every 5 minutes.  Best advice for this is to download apps such as Cold Turkey and Big Brother, that restrict those distracting websites such as Facebook, Buzzfeed, ESPN, and YouTube videos starring cute dogs.  Most importantly, get off Netflix!

2.) Reward Yourself, Take Scheduled Study Breaks

 You’ll be more motivated and work more efficiently if you have something to look forward to.  For every 30 minutes, reward yourself, and take a 5 minute break.  It’s worth it if you don’t abuse it by taking an hour break on Facebook.

3.) Exercise

You may feel like you have no time for exercising because it’s less time studying, but exercising can blow off some steam and will improve brain functioning for studying. It’s also an excellent excuse for to take a big study break.

4.)Write out things by Hand

 Frequently rewriting notes, writing flash cards, scribbling solutions, have proven to be more efficient than reading and typing.  You are more likely to grasp and remember more information this way.  Another tip with flashcards to quiz yourself a few times a day to gradually remember more.

 5.) Don’t Over Caffeinate

 Yes, Starbucks is a college student’s best friend during finals week and will keep your brain alert for retaining information.  However, over-caffeinating increases your body’s stress response (because finals week isn’t stressful enough).

6.) Keep Study Space Clean and Organized


Keeping your study table clean and tidy will increase brain function.  Throw away any unnecessary clutter such as knick knacks and candy wrappers.  Only keep the necessary objects on the clean table to avoid overcrowding work space.

7.) Vary your Study Location

For any study student, the library is to go place and residential home during finals week. To increase information retention, change up your study location and hit up the student cafe, coffee shops, park, and other locations you’re not a “library zombie.” Instead, go find a nice area and find a friend to help quiz.

8.) Eat Well

 While spending hours trying to retain your 47 pages of notes, many students will binge on junk food for comfort.  Eating healthy and and an average three meals a day will keep your mind content and mood elevated.

9.) Get a good night’s rest

Unnecessary all nighters have proven to hinder memory.  What’s the point of staying up all night, if you can’t remember what you studied the night before.

and lastly…..

 10.) Take a Deep Breath

 The most important thing to do is to RELAX and take a deep breath. You’ve spent days studying for several finals crammed into 5 days.  You’ve worked so hard for great grades and now all you can do is relax and believe in yourself that you will ace your finals!  Once you are all done, you will race out of your school feeling on top of the world and ready for the holidays.

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